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What is OpenMCDF ?

OpenMCDF is a 100% managed .net component that allows client applications to manipulate COM structured storage files, also known as Microsoft Compound Document Format files.

Ok, so what's 'structured storage' anyway ?

This file format is used under the hood by a lot of applications: the files created by Microsoft Office until the 2007 product release are all structured storage files. They include multiple streams of information (document summary, user data) in a single physical container (the file). Also the omnipresent Thumbs.db, used by Windows as thumbnails cache, is a structured storage file.

How does it work ?

OpenMCDF makes available to the developer an easy interface to read, write, add and remove structured storage primitives. Items are organized in a hierarchical tree where 'storage' nodes act like a directory and 'stream' nodes like a file. Developers can use OpenMCDF to view storages and streams, traverse hierarchical trees of items, explore existing compound file and modify them or create a new compound file from scratch.

...mmm yes, but I've already seen a lot of wrappers...

Well, can I try it ?

You can get OpenMCDF from sourceforge site or use NuGet to install it into your projects. OpenMCDF is MPL 2.0 licensed.