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What is OpenMCDF ?

OpenMCDF is a 100% managed .net component that allows client applications to manipulate COM structured storage files, also known as Microsoft Compound Document Format files.

Ok, so what's 'structured storage' anyway ?

This file format is used under the hood by a lot of applications: the files created by Microsoft Office until the 2007 product release are all structured storage files. They include multiple streams of information (document summary, user data) in a single physical container (the file). Also the omnipresent Thumbs.db, used by Windows as thumbnails cache, is a structured storage file.

How does it work ?

OpenMCDF makes available to the developer an easy interface to read, write, add and remove structured storage primitives. Items are organized in a hierarchical tree where 'storage' nodes act like a directory and 'stream' nodes like a file. Developers can use OpenMCDF to view storages and streams, traverse hierarchical trees of items, explore existing compound file and modify them or create a new compound file from scratch.

...mmm yes, but I've already seen a lot of wrappers...

Well, can I try it ?

You can get OpenMCDF from sourceforge site or use NuGet to install it into your projects. OpenMCDF is MPL 2.0 licensed.

Version 2.0 released

The new OpenMCDF 2.0 package has just been relased. You will find it here.